Silicone Gel Keycaps Review

Hello everyone; welcome to Rhinofeed! Today we're going to be taking a look at a new keycap set. This is not just a new color or design made from materials we're previously familiar with. This keycap set is made out silicone gel, a material that I have never seen used to create keycaps.

I don't know what I expected when I took them out of the tray, but when I first picked them up I was surprised at how different they were! I expected keycaps that were slightly softer, maybe, but not nearly as soft and flexible.

For reference, the Gem Artisan keycap is made out of Silica gel, and at first I thought these keycaps would be very similar to that keycap, but I was wrong. Silicone gel and silica gel are two different things.

When typing, they seem to absorb more of the impact when bottoming out, which certainly makes things quieter, but it takes more energy to press a key because of this. They even have a grippier feel, which some may like, but I think it contributes to my slower typing speed. Sometimes my fingers seem to catch or trip up on keys because of the grippiness.

None of the keycaps have any lettering printed on them, which keeps the design nice and clean, but may bother those who can't touch type. I like the color choice I went with, which is "Green Heavy". They also have "Blue Heavy" and "Pink Heavy", which is self explanatory.

Because the material is so soft, certain keycaps already show slight wear (fingernails being the main culprit).

In conclusion, they look incredibly cool, they're fun, and certainly very unique. However, for practical reasons I will be going back to my PBT keycap set.

By Nathaniel Hirschler

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