New Planck PCB REV 6: Hot-Swap or Low-Cost. You choose.

New Planck PCB REV 6: Hot-Swap or Low-Cost. You choose.

OLKB is at it again with a brand new Planck PCB! This time, there are two options at two different price points. Jack Humbert (owner and operator of OLKB) has stated an estimated ship date of July 9th, 2018, and he will be sharing stock with multiple stores in the community to help with pre-sales and shipping.


The more expensive PCB, at $50, is available with Kailh’s hot-swappable MX sockets (and solderable Matias footprints), while the budget option, at $30, simply has solder footprints.

The layout options supported on the PCB include 2x2u, 1x2u, and Grid. These layout choices give you the option between two 2u keys "split-spacebar", one 2u key, or all 1u keys on the bottom row. Of course, it’s up to you to decide what you want when you’re assembling your keyboard, but the hot-swap socket locations will accommodate any of those three options.

Not only will the new PCBs be released, but Hi-Pro and EOTW top plates and Mod cases will be available that support the many PCB add-ons.


The low-cost option has a few less features that save you money, such as the removal of the reset button (jumper required instead), no dual-channel speaker, no capacitors for RGB LEDs, and no-spin plastic 2.5mm standoffs (for #2-56 screws) instead of metal.


Aside from OLKB’s own store - there are many places you can pick up the new PCB!

Check out the Reddit post or the OLKB store for the full tech specs. Also, here is a graph of the differences between the models.


By Nathaniel Hirschler

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