Google is doing away with the 30 pixel navigation bar

Today Google announced the next step of their redesign. I thought they were finished, but they mentioned on their blog that they are going to get rid of the black navigation bar found at the top of all of Google services to save 30 pixels in vertical screen real estate. Talk about anal-retentive.

This design change makes sense for users of netbooks and tablets, who are severely limited in their screen resolution. Plus, most screens you'll find are in a 16:9 / 16:10 widescreen format, which give you less vertical space even on larger laptops and monitors. The new design will integrate Google Plus features at the top right (as always), and the main product listing and navigation can be found as you hover over Google's logo on the left hand side. A simple change, but I do think it will look better. There was no mention of when this change will be live.

By Nathaniel Hirschler

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