New Twitter Redesign

If you hadn’t noticed already, Twitter has switched around the CSS some more. It seems like it’s been only 2 months since the last iteration of Twitter’s design — which we had to wait ages for — but they’re not making us wait long for this one. The[…]

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Google is doing away with the 30 pixel navigation bar

Today Google announced the next step of their redesign. I thought they were finished, but they mentioned on their blog that they are going to get rid of the black navigation bar found at the top of all of Google services to save 30 pixels in vertical screen real estate.[…]

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Social Network Icons

As you can see, from my recent post and the sidebar on my website, I am absolutely loving this free social icon set! They have absolutely every social network that I can think of in very clean, simple multiple sized icons. 16, 24, 32, and 48. So, because I am[…]

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Pinboard. Not free, but free from hassle.

Social bookmarking is definitely not at all new. It’s been around for quite some time, but I’ve never thought to actually try it out! This time, I was convinced I should. Being that this was my first time with social bookmarking, I have to say, Pinboard does it[…]

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