Why I Bought a Smartphone

Exactly 7 months ago I posted a short article explaining why I still hadn't purchased my first smartphone. The main issue brought up before was the high cost of contracts and the monthly payment required to keep a smartphone smart — data. Without data a smartphone is no different from your average flip phone, and yet the carriers decided it best to double charge by making you pay for unneeded minutes plus charging a lot for the data you actually need. How many kilobytes does a highly compressed terrible sounding 10 minute phone call actually use anyway? Why do they still charge us by the minute? But, I'm here to tell you why I bought a smartphone, not to rant about carriers.

The Nexus 5.

The first reason would have to be the phone itself. I should probably cover this seperately in it's own review, but I'll start by saying this: The Nexus 5 competes at a price point no other smartphones (today) come close to. Not only that, I like getting updates direct from Google without all the bloatware. It also doesn't have all the annoying, bubbly Samsung sounds.

And you know what? I bet Google / LG are still profiting off the hardware, despite such a competitive price. Prices of other phones are bloated because of the contract game.

T-Mobile: The Underdog.

I like what T-mobile is doing. They offer a $30 pre-paid plan that gives you 100 minutes, unlimited texting, and 5GB of fast LTE data. Being that I only use 20 minutes of voice calling per month tops, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out a carrier that understood some people actually need data, not minutes. Yes, before I was latching onto a Verizon family plan so I was getting my phone service for pretty cheap at only $10 a month (no data). However, the problem with the family plan is that the cost of the first line subsidizes the monthly bill for the rest of the family. In a few months that contract will end, so I'm scoping out how reliable T-mobile is in our area to see if the rest of the family can also switch to save some money.

So far, I'm loving my new phone. It has lot's of useful and handy utilities that can be used to do so many different things, namely: email on the go, maps, notes, tethering, and of course... a flash light. Maybe we should stop calling them phones.

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