Cleaning the IBM KB-8923 Keyboard

Lately I have been extremely interested in keyboards. I’ve been learning a lot about all the different switch types. MX Cherry, Buckling Spring, Rubber Dome, ALPS, are just a few of them.

With all this researching, I’ve purchased a Leopold Tenkeyless (no num pad) keyboard with MX Brown switches. I can’t wait until it arrives in the mail! I’ve even looked at the Salvation Army and Goodwill for some cheap older keyboards with a Buckling Spring switch. So far, none have showed up, but I did pick up an older IBM KB-8923, which is a rubber dome keyboard. Most newer keyboards use rubber domes and they aren’t that great. This IBM, however, is the best rubber dome keyboard I’ve typed on. It’s really, really great. Anyway, this keyboard, being that I bought it from Goodwill, was very dirty. I am here today with pictures of the cleaning process, check it out!

Make sure to hover over the images for a quick description.

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