Beyerdynamic DT 770-PRO Headphones Review (250 ohms)

Hello world! Welcome to my first headphone review. Keep in mind I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to audio; however, family and friends have mentioned I have good ears. I will be taking a close look at more than just the audio quality though, so if you question my opinion in that regard you can read just the first 3 sections.

Build Quality Rating: 4.8/5 Some may not like the design, but I appreciate it. Maybe it’s because I’m German, like the manufacturer. I tend to like German industrial design. The chassis is built out of metal to provide structural integrity, with a textured plastic for the cans to keep them light. There’s a single-sided coiled cable on your left side, although unfortunately they don’t allow the cable to be removed. I am generally not a fan of coiled cables, but this time I found myself enjoying it as the cable didn’t tug on my head nearly as much as I thought it would. All parts are replaceable, and the ear pads and headband are easily user replaceable. The only concern you may have is the external cable going from the left ear, up through the headband, to the right ear. It seems as though Beyerdynamic positioned it as to not get twisted during use, however.

Built by Germans. Move along now.

Comfort: 4.3/5 When first wearing these headphones they were stiff, but after wearing them for a while they seem to settle onto your head. Still, I find the headband uncomfortable. It bothers me after leaving it in the same place on my head for an hour or more. If I move it a slight bit, it’s comfortable again. Perhaps it’s something I’d get used to over time. The cans articulate just a little bit to compensate for oddly shaped heads, but not a full 180 degrees to hear through only one ear if you want to. To do that, you’ll have to flex the headband a little bit by tucking one ear cup behind your ear. Lastly, I would like to try the replaceable leather ear pads ($30). The velour can get hot if you’re wearing the headphones for a long time. Also, since the velour material is not as easily cleaned as leather, these headphones are not suited for an environment where you need to share.

Isolation: 4.0/5 They have a closed-back design, which allows for you to listen to your music and podcasts even in relatively noisy environments. I wouldn’t say they provide perfect isolation, as if you turn your music off you can still hear someone speaking nearby. Yet, I’ve used these while recording drums without a problem, and I have pretty sensitive ears when it comes to loudness. Beyerdynamic does have a version specifically for sound isolation (the DT 770 M), but they won’t be as versatile as these, and the sound quality won’t be quite as good.

Sound: 4.5/5 The only time you’ll find yourself wondering why something through these headphones sounds so terrible is when you’re listening to low quality sources. These are true to the track. A lot of music produced is mastered to be as loud as possible, often at the expense of dynamic range and musicality. You have to be careful about what you provide these headphones to work with! If I was mixing or mastering with these headphones, I would trust them. Highs, Mids, Lows, they all sound fantastic to me. Nothing seems overpowering or hyped, and because of the flat eq, you can adjust them to how you enjoy listening. That’s the beauty of these headphones. You can tune them to exactly how you like them. If you don’t feel like messing with the eq, you’ll be hearing what the music producer intended you to hear (which is often perfectly fine). To top it off, they sound very open despite the closed-back design, especially after the initial burn in. These are the best headphones I’ve heard, but I can’t give a perfect rating because I just haven’t heard enough headphones to compare them to.

Ideal use: This is a good, well rounded set of phones. You can definitely use them for gaming, mixing, mastering, or just plain enjoying music. While these are not meant to be portable headphones, they don’t bleed like an open-back design, so other people around you won’t be bothered (or even hear) what you’re listening to. Because of their size, they may not be practical to listen at the library or on your commute to work. It’s your call.


  • Balanced sound with thumpin’ bass
  • Good build quality
  • Great value


  • Non-removable cable
  • Velour ear pads can sometimes be hot, and definitely not share-able
  • DT 880 Pros come with a neat case, these don’t

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