Are Laptops Obsolete?

I've decided that I would introduce a new series to this blog. This series will include articles of (hopefully) interesting tech questions regarding the future of certain technologies. Today I am going to answer (or just talk about) the question, "Are laptops obsolete?" as noted by the title of this post.

With tablets growing at a quick clip, you might ask this question, but I still think tablets have a lot of room to grow. Personally, I think It's still too difficult to get much work done when you're using a tablet, no matter what platform you choose. Yes, you can write an email or make a small presentation, but it's still not something where you can get any heavy work done. That's a job for something with a full operating system, keyboard, and larger display. Something like a laptop.

Everything these days is shifting to become more portable and more powerful, but I don't think you'll ever see the laptop form factor dissappear completely off the market. One thing might gain popularity over the other, but each device has their own separate purpose. Tablet apps might become more powerful over time, but I think people will still want that physical keyboard and a larger screen� especially in business environments.

Still, you even see gamers switching to laptops � if you can call them laptops. I prefer to call them luggables (I'm specifically thinking of the Asus G74 here). These heavy machines weigh around 9 pounds, they have 17" displays, and they are 2 ½" thick. Not very portable if I do say so myself. They have the power of a desktop, in an incredibly bulky frame. Over time these desktop replacements will become a bit more lightweight, which will increasingly negate the need for any kind of desktop computer.

Perhaps the question should be, "Are Desktops Obsolete?" Not yet, and probably not any time soon � even with the onslaught of cloud computing, where most data is stored online vs. on a local machine (I hope to write about cloud computing in a future article). In fact, I suppose you could call any server a desktop computer, so in that sense desktops are growing. Laptops will become more powerful, but desktops will probably stay ahead of the game.

If you're at all interested in these kinds of posts, say so in the comments! Also, let me know if you have any other questions I could expound upon.

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